Apparent Body

Maflohé Passedouet, 2013

Interactive digital artwork 

Materials, techniques, processes: computer, big angle video projector, infrared camera

Dimensions: Projection, image of at least 3m base height

Themes: A game with shadows and silhouettes, which become distorted according to the movement of the body


Apparent body is an interactive work by Maflohé Passedouet.

The work uses a video projection of the silhouette of the spectator-actor, which is filmed by an infrared camera. It can project the silhouette of up to four people at the same time. The moving image evokes the question of appearance: the appearance we try to have, the appearance we dream of, our awareness of our own appearance, which we do or do not dislike….

As if in a distorting mirror, the spectators’ silhouettes appear and change shape as the spectators move and walk around. Interactions occur between silhouettes when they come near each other or touch. The public therefore explores the unexpected transformations brought on by its own movements: arms that extend and spin in spirals, feet that become huge or that impossibly sway, and whole bodies which take on quasi-animal or abstract shapes.


Co-production by Mobilis-Immobilis, Fées d’Hiver and Blue Yeti. Maflohé Passedouet, the artistic director of Mobilis-Immobilis, coproduced this hybrid form with the Lab and arts centre Fées d’Hiver and the nteractive concept creator Blue Yeti, with co-creators and heads of the companies, Erik Lorré and Jean-Michel Couturier

Photo and video by: Maflohé Passedouet 

Voice over : Harry Long