Floating point

Emmanuel Mâa Berriet, 2007

Interactive digital art

Materials, techniques and processes: computer, screen, video projector

Dimensions: Projection of an image whose base is between 1m and 8m long 

Themes: find the sensation of diving amongst a school of fish


Floating Point is an interactive digital artwork by Mâa. 

The artwork uses video projection, on ground or wall. The movements of spectators are captured by an infrared device.

Floating Point represents a group of particles, living in a well-defined zone, and reacting to the presence and the activity of the public. At rest in the absence of others, the particles spring to life and organise themselves as soon as a spectator approaches them. Complex rules, combining the individuality of particular trajectories with the herd-like behaviour of groups, determine their movements; with the result that the particles resemble whats’s found in the animal kingdom.

At rest, the particles are just simple white points. When they move, however, they leave behind them a light trail which materializes and prolongs their movement. The result for the spectator is that she has the sensation of witnessing a force field generated by her own presence. As soon as she notices this, she throws herself into this sensual game that’s at times individual, and at others collective. Her playing partner is both luminous, and virtual. 


Photos and video by Emmanuel Mâa Berriet

Voice over : Harry Long