Florence Cosnefroy was born in Lorient, and lives and works in Nanterre, France.

Florence is a mixed-media artist and sculptor. She’s currently developing an artwork entitled ‘Colorama’ that deals with representations of colour, as well as carrying out research for her PhD in history of art at the university Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense.  

Through interactivity, her work asks questions about what it means for the spectator to have a certain position in society. In one instance, her work is displayed on a soon-to-be-destroyed building. It recaptures the colours painted on the doors of each of the building’s inhabitants.

She has directed a short film of 25 minutes entitled ‘Des couleurs et des voix, vingt-cinq portes du bâtiment F,’ or: ‘colours and voices, twenty-five doors of building F’. She lectures at the ENS in Paris, and teaches at the Ateliers d’Arts Plastiques de la Ville de Nanterre.

Works by FLORENCE COSNEFROY in the Pixel Blanc catalog

"Colorama"   or Loneliness In The Crowd

"Colorama" or Loneliness In The Crowd