Imaginary Encounters (Rencontres Imaginaires)

Scenocosme, 2013

Interactive digital art

Materials, techniques, and processes: behavioural interactive video, computer, 3D camera, HD LED TV screen or video projector

Dimensions: vary from space to space; very large HD LED TV screen or video projector

Themes: interactive video artwork where real spectators and virtual characters intermingle and inter-react.


When the spectator enters into the interactive space, he finds himself in front of a mirror. This mirror reflects his body and his face. His reflection gradually attracts virtual hands and faces which attempt to touch him, stroke him, flee from him, catch him, and surprise him...behaviours which throw into question the relations in which we stand to others. Hands and faces feel his presence and work their way around the spectator’s face. When the spectator leaves the space, the hands and faces disappear. When a new person walks into the space, they reappear; but this time, they behave in a completely different way.

This artwork causes spectators to perform certain gestures and reactions in response to wholly virtual interactions. These curious hands - which scratch your ears, stroke your hair, touch your lips, etc - become something that the public can play with. The contact is virtual, but nevertheless causes the spectator to have strange, real experiences. He can find himself amused by them, embarrassed by them, annoyed by them, or even titillated by them.

The virtual hands and faces appear in black and white, superimposed over the spectator’s image. This artificiality causes the illusion of a supernatural and disturbing reality.


Photos and videos by: Scenocosme: Grégory Lasserre & Anaïs met den Ancxt