Hugo Verlinde, 2013

Generative digital artwork 

Materials, techniques, and processes: computer, video projector, and ceramic white sculpture. 

Dimensions with base: 150 x 42 x 42  

Themes: from the heart of a lotus flower comes a wave of light which streams onto the petals and submerges us

Lotus is a generative digital artwork by Hugo Verlinde. 

The artwork materially manifests itself as a white ceramic sculpture of a lotus. A light is visible shining inside it. When this light’s approached, it intensifies and streams over all of the petals. The wave of light follows its course and envelops us. We are brought inside this light. 

The apparatus is transparent. Protected by a structure of steel threads, the sculpture is fixed on its base; visible to all. The light actually seems to come from inside the lotus. 

The artwork throws into question the relation in which we stand to the environment. The light inside the lotus is nothing more, nor less, than us. We stand in a relation to the world which is completely closed, slightly open, and in full bloom. 


Photos by Hugo Verlinde
Video by Véronique Godé

Voice over : Harry Long