Negentropy (Néguentropie)

Fred Périé, 2012 

Generative and interactive digital artwork 

Materials, techniques, and processes: computer, web camera, plasma full HD display on stand

Dimensions: projection or plasma display

Themes: a text is disappearing unless somebody looks at it


On the screen: a text that has been scrambled over the page; such that it is unreadable and unstable. For each spectator looking at this chaos of letters, a circle - representing the position of that spectator’s head - appears on the screen. Within each of these circles, the text gradually reforms itself. Without the spectator’s attention, the text disintegrates again. 

If the spectators are patient, the process continues; the circles grow to the extent that the entire text is finally revealed. A blank white screen fades in and prevents the spectator from reading it in its entirety.


Photos and video by Fred Périé