Still moving

Maurice Benayoun, 2008

Interactive digital artwork 

Materials, techniques and processes: resin fibre glass sculpture, infrasound, the Internet, camera, and video projector 

Dimensions: diameter 3.5 m; height 0.9 m 

Themes: giant interactive sculpture which allows - in real time - the emotional state of the world to be seen and felt by the spectator

A giant sculpture made of composite materials, designed to be felt, touched and caressed by a huge number of people, Still Moving is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship assuming the form of a deflated globe; the nature of its surface determined by the emotions of the planet. 

Lodged at its heart, an internet search engine simultaneously analyses the emotional states of 3200 metropolises. Like a silent music, this mysterious information - originating from analyses of ‘news’ - is transmuted into low frequency vibrations. When the spectator touches Still Moving, and even more when she flattens her ear against it, she feels the inaudible vibrations of the world’s emotions through the filter of the Internet. 

Still Moving transmits to us what can be seen, felt, and perceived of the world that’s detected by the network. Vibrating with all its transducers embedded in the depths of its soft skin, the artwork comes to life at our touch and reveals to us the state of the world’s emotions. Still Moving feels our presence, and in touching it, the world touches us. 

On the sculpture, the projection transmutes the dialogue between the bodies and the emotions of the world into words and colours.


Photos and video by Maurice Benayoun

Voice over : Harry Long