Emmanuel Mâa Berriet, 2014

Generative and interactive digital artwork

Materials, techniques, processes: computer, multiple screens, AAA Seed software

Dimensions: Multiple screens with a base size of 3m to 8m

Themes: Immersion in a fish shoal


Submarine is a generative and interactive artwork by Emmanuel Mâa Berriet.

The work is deployed on multiple screens that are attached to a wall and have a base of between 3 and 8m. Under the surface, Submarine presents an immersion into the midst of a school of fish. 

Through a scientific visualization, the work portrays the multiple interactions that occur in an ecosystem of fish. The behaviour of each individual fish is guided by primitive rules. A teeming and abundant marine life emerges from this apparent simplicity.

The spectator is at first perceived as an intruder and scares the fishes, which swim away from her. When the visitor starts to get used to the surroundings, the fishes begin to integrate her in the school, as if they are making her one of their own. She can now explore the depths of the sea and swim among a multitude of fish of different species, sizes and colours.


Photos and video by: Emmanuel Mâa Berriet

Voice over : Harry Long