El origen del mundo (The Origin of the World)

Miguel Chevalier, 2013

Generative and interactive digital artwork 

Materials: computer, video-projector, custom software, screen

Dimensions: projection on a 50 x 30m screen; but dimensions vary from space to space 

Themes: a living screen whose nature changes according to the movements of the audience. A universe inspired by biology, cellular automata and microorganisms.

The Origin of the World is inspired by biology, cellular automata and micro-organisms. 

Sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, cells multiply themselves in abundance; splitting up, fusing, and proliferating. We are confronted with a world at once living, organic, and intelligent; a world which perpetually renews itself; and a world which intermingles from time to time with a universe of pixels. This unstable black and white realm gradually slides towards a spiral of vivid and saturated colours, and, in so doing, gives form to the formless. 

The movement of the spectator results in disturbances, waves, and turbulences in the trajectories of the cells. The sinuous contours of the façade of Bellas Artes meet the aesthetic of the 1970s, causing unprecedented visual experiences. 


FILUX, Festival International de las Luces México. Palais de Bellas Artes, Mexico.
Photos by Miguel Chevalier
Video by Claude Mossessian 

Voice over : Harry Long