Vincent levy, 2001

Interactive digital art

Materials: Computer, screen, specific software

Dimensions: 32 inch plasma screen

Video loop: Colour, Rythm and Texture Play, 10 min loop with vertical and horizontal movements, 3D digital forms.

Themes: The "Panel of time passing ..." works the matter-time, in a fragmented representation, always in motion and without end.



"The passing time sign" is a visual and playful clock, which presents itself as a video terminal, with an integrated screen and camera. It allows passers-by before them to visualize the place where they stand at different times in the past. These different moments are visible immediately and simultaneously in a series of windows of the screen. In its classic version, "Le Panneau du temps qui passe ..." offers a series of nine windows that allow to see the place live, 1 second before, 1 minute before, 1 hour before, 1 day before, To 1 year before (depending on the duration of exposure). Apart from the image of the direct, which is at normal speed, these are still images, but as time goes on, the images are continually and regularly renewed at the rate of one image every two seconds.

Photo credits: Vincent Lévy

Video Credit: Vincent Lévy