The Table of Convivialities (La Table des Convivialités) 

Miguel Chevalier, 2013

Generative and interactive digital artwork 

Materials: video-projector, specific software, Oxymore wooden table 

Dimensions: 240 x 105 x 76.5cm

Themes: entire kinetic universes respond to the touch of the spectator 

The Table of Convivialities finds itself among streams and networks in the work of Miguel Chevalier. 

The artwork comprises a number of different graphics panels, which are either in black and white, or in colour. The panels - composed of pixels or lines - randomly follow one another; causing waves to undulate at their surface. 

The very wood of the table encourages touch. A fluid universe reacts both to initial contact, and to subsequent movement; generating visual turbulences which correspond to them. Astonishing kinetic universes are created in this way. 


Power Pixels 2013, Centre des arts, Enghien-les-Bains 
Photos by Miguel Chevalier 
Video by Claude Mossessian  

Voice over : Harry Long