The Tunnel around the world

Maurice Benayoun, 2012

Interactive digital artwork

Materials, technique and methods: video projection

Dimensions: screen size varies according to place of installation

Themes: Immersion in the artistic heritage of museums around the world through play, and the discovery of it via the Socratic method

The Tunnel around the World is a museographic device that allows one to bring together cultural spaces that are far apart from each other both in distance and in time, in order to discover artistic heritage from another end of the world.

The tunnel allows the visitor to “dig into” the recollections and history of the art of France’s museums. It brings out the works that augment the vision and understanding of the cultural heritage through this process.`

The scale on which the works are presented allows one to appreciate their detail while being deeply immersed in them. Driven by a “Socratic” method of innovative discovery, the Tunnel around the world is a way of accessing art that is both fun and powerfully effective, as it allows each user to make a very personal discovery based on the analysis of his or her behaviour.

By freely navigating through a database, the visitor naturally follows his or her inclination and so is able to discover works of art that are organised according to his or her reactions. The Tunnel around the World is therefore a tool of discovery made for the general public and is able to inspire users of all ages. It doesn’t require any training to use and is easily controlled thanks to its touchscreen interface.

In October 2012, the Tunnel around the World successfully connected four spaces, two of which were modern art biennales (Mediacity Séoul in Korea and Zero1 San José in California). These were connected to the Creative Media Centre in Hong Kong and SAT in Montreal.

Photos and videos by: Maurice Benayoun

Voice over : Harry Long