Verticals (Verticales) 

Hugo Verlinde, 2013

Generative digital art

Materials, techniques and methods: computer, pixel blanc, video projector and sculpture, made from white enamel tiles

Dimensions: created on a façade, surface area: 8m x 4m

Subject: Verticales allows us to see the face of the sun during the process of its formation

Verticals III is a piece of generative digital art made especially for the façade of the Agora, a musical school and administrative centre of Chamousset en Lyonnais in the monts du Lyonnais massif.

The work is a sculpture made out of white enamel tiles by day, which becomes a digital installation at night.

The projection begins with the sunset and ends late at night. The piece is intended as a strong visual signal. It aims to symbolise life and creativity in order to attract the public’s attention to this cultural space. The images are connected to a computer program and are constantly renewed, so the work has a limitless duration.

The installation evokes the sun of our solar system before it became the sun as we know it today. Our star was born at the heart of a vast solar nebula. It’s in the effervescence of this nebula that a star can be brought to life. Millions of years are necessary for this nebula to stabilise. At the beginning everything is movement, agitation, instability and a series of nuclear reactions.


White enamel tiles, created in Sainte-foy-l’Argentière by the IMERYS company
Work acquired by the Community of Communes of Chamousset en Lyonnais in October 202
Photos and video by: Hugo Verlindee

Voice over : Harry Long