video Fountain

Pia Myrvold, 2013-2015

Video sculpture

Materials: 5 (46") LED screens, splitter signal boxes, PC and 300 m of video cables.

Dimensions: depending on the hanging from the ceiling.

Video loop: Shields, 10 min loop with vertical and horizontal movements, 3D digital forms.

Themes: part of serie Coloss, Island & Shields, works on the surface.

Coloss, Island & Shields is a serie of multiple surface works, starting with the 3D animated video work Shields, the sculpture Video Fountain, C-print originals and sculptures made from laser cut and digital printed plexi glass.

The video installation uses 5 46screens, with the video loop Shields, playing on mono channel independent loops. The work is suspended from ceiling, with 300 meters of additional black cords hanging and gracing the floor.

First presented in her exhibition ART AVATAR in Centre Pompidou 2014-2015, the video loop have been exhibited in several exhibitions during 2015.

Images are specific to Pia Myrvold's world: a mix of impossible and tender naivety in a hyper technological universe.

Photo credits: Pia Myrvold
Video editing: Daniel Correia