video spiral

Pia Myrvold, 2011-2015

Video sculpture

Materials: 31 (19") LED screens, assembled as a spiral, with 12 splitter signal boxes, PC.

Dimensions: depending on the size of the LED screens, from 12" to 100".

Video loop: Colour, Rythm and Texture Play, 10 min loop with vertical and horizontal movements, 3D digital forms.

Themes: forms and colours intertwine, immersed in the technology and its material.


The Video Spiral is a video work, where the same image split to all screens create a rythm, colour and texture play, and with the view of cables, gives a kind of Mad Max, Rock Stage feeling in texture.

The work can be developped with screens from 12" to 100", depending on the space. It works in intimate settings to large scale installations in public space.

Photo credits: Pia Myrvold