A New Artform for the Digital Age

Today, computers pervade each and every human activity. Art's no exception; it, too, is becoming more and more suffused with software and computers.

We believe that digital media art is rapidly forming a different category of art altogether. In this category, software is the primary medium by which the artist's ideas are expressed.

These artworks are characterized by their ability to evolve autonomously and to interact with their environment. Together with their creators, they are developing the artistic language of tomorrow. 





Digital Media Art in the City

Between 2000 and 2030, urban space will triple. Digital media art will reinvent the city. Public space is the right place for making digital art works visible: these pieces are alive, so their natural home is the human habitat. 

Even the smallest change in one's visual field revives the predator reflex; we flick our head towards the source of the movement. This is the reason why these images always keep our attention.


Our aim at Le Pixel Blanc is to promote digital art in the urban space through large urban projects. We consider buildings (private or public), universities, companies (in the digital market or otherwise), art schools, and wide open spaces as public spaces. Our ambition is to promote lasting, perennial works in the city.




Digital Media Art in the workplace

Art is a universal language. It introduces new means of developing relationships in and outside each organization with staff, clients, and partners. More broadly, it serves as a social body in its general environment.

By its innovative, technical and magical characteristics, Digital Media Art puts aesthetic emotion back into the relation between human beings and the world's artefacts.

We support companies in their efforts to acquire lasting works. We match these works with companies' values and communicative goals, with respect to the artist's intentions and approach. We also bring to companies our know-how in exhibition management, conferences, workshops and the organisation of artistic performances.


Personal Digital Media Art

The Internet of Things is spreading from day to day and revealing new ways to interact with our environment. Digital devices may also be used to unveil new artistic visions.

Generative and interactive artworks are living forms. Their changes of behavior are a never-ending spectacle, fascinating both our senses and our mind.

Le Pixel Blanc team and its artists create and produce personal digital media artworks designed to transform our experience of the world. Unlike art of previous centuries, their uniqueness doesn't lie in their materiality. Rather, it lies in the immateriality of interaction with them.