Island Universes (Univers-Îles)

Hugo Verlinde, 2013

Generative digital artwork  

Materials, techniques, and processes: computer, video projector, and resin sculpture  

Dimensions: 90 x 42 x 42 cm base 

Themes: the path of a light wave on a galactic scale

Island universes is a generative digital artwork by Hugo Verlinde.

Emmanuel Kant’s expression - used to designate galaxies - serves as this artwork’s point of departure. Kant speaks about ‘island universes’, and likens galaxies to islands in the sky; where each such island contains an entire universe. Our Milky Way is an example of such an island universe. The artist has taken this expression to the letter by creating an island of transparent resin and projecting onto it a visual universe in constant internal evolution. 

Our universe is not limited to the Milky Way. The cosmos is a oceanic space, scattered with islands of billions of stars.


Photos by Hugo Verlinde
Video by Véronique Godé

Voice over : Harry Long