Pia Myrvold, 2011-2015

Immersive video sculpture

Materials (Stargate 2011): 7 (55") LED screens, mounted in frame, with enforced glass floor, 2 splitter boxes, PC, cables.

Dimensions: 360x340x100 cm.

Video loop: Expandium.

Themes: a gate, a door step to go through the Looking-Glass and beyond.

The Stargate is an immersive sculpture, first presented in Venice 2011, in Pia MYrvoLDs independent pavilion, FLOW - a work in motion.

Consisting of 7 large LED screens, the structure is made of aluminium frames designed by the artist, and a 35mm glass floor, that enables the visitor to enter andwalk through.

Pia MYrvoLD has presented new video works, in each presentation, in her exhibition ART AVATAR in Centre Pompidou in Paris, 2014-2015, she used the video work Rhythm, Texture and Colour Play II.

A new video loop is in development to coincide with the presentation of WANDS, in MYworLD Studio, Paris October 2015.

The Stargate is the first ring of the future project Broken Tunnel,  built from 7 to 77 screens dependingon how many rings, and edited in complex digital mapping software, that gives the viewer inside a feeling of being inside a painting while it is being painted.

Photo credits: Pia Myrvold
Video editing: Daniel Correia